Lesson Fees & Costs


Nobody likes talking about money, do they?

Well, here goes…


All lessons are taught from my home in Bare, Morecambe.


My basic rate fees for 2019 are calculated at £32 per hour. Most pupils take a 30 minute weekly lesson so the basic price for a lessons is £16.  There is also a discount available (read on…)

Prepay discounts

If you choose to pay for ten lessons in advance, you will receive a £10 discount. So 30 minute lessons work out at only £15 each.


From time to time you will need to buy sheet music (usually a book of pieces and exercises). I can either give you the details for you to source it yourself, or you may buy it from me at Promenade Music prices. I get all my sheet music from them and sell it on to you at the cover price (no extra!)


You will also need a suitable instrument to play and practise on. I can advise you on this if required. Keyboards, pianos and digital pianos can be expensive! If you wish to purchase an instrument, I recommend you visit Promenade Music in Morecambe and speak to their helpful and knowledgeable staff. Mention my name – they might give you a discount!

Why not get in touch and book a trial lesson?