I remember piano lessons when I was a child. An elderly lady in a dry, dusty room. Boring scales, arpeggios, studies, and worst of all, she made me sing.  Urgh!

Well, forget everything you know about piano lessons.
These are DIFFERENT. They will be…


Each lesson will be designed for one purpose: to get you progressively where you want to go on the piano. Adult or child, experienced or beginner, I will quickly and effectively assess your ability, strengths and needs. Yes, we might follow a book, but it will be the right book for you. So if you practise, your progress is guaranteed. Want to do exams? Or just play for pleasure? Classical? Modern? Religious? Write your own songs? Learn to play by ear? You choose – I’ve got it all covered!


I’m not a pianist who teaches. I’m a teacher who plays piano. No difference? Oh yes there is! As a fully qualified teacher with many years’ experience in the classroom, I have the assessment, planning and teaching knowledge needed to quickly advance the skills of my pupils. You’ll also be taught on a high-quality digital piano that feels just like an acoustic piano but is always perfectly in tune and has a range of extra features we can use to help you learn.


There’s not much point in learning to play the piano if you’re not going to have some fun! From my teaching style to our choice of music, I will do everything I can to help you enjoy your learning. When you take pleasure in doing something, you learn much more easily and quickly. I can’t guarantee every study, scale, exercise or piece will be a barrel of laughs, but hopefully you’ll leave my lessons with a smile on your face anyway!


Taking music lessons is a great investment for the future, whether it be for yourself or your child. But it’s important to get good value, so that’s what I’ll give you. As well as well-planned and highly-focused teaching, I offer prepayment discounts (see FEES). Additionally, I can help you choose a suitable instrument based on your ability and budget. I am also available by email during the week in case you need any additional help before your next lesson.

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Some other thoughts…

Pianos are expensive and take up lots of room in your home..
How about taking my keyboard lessons instead?

If you need help with Music Theory exams,
or just want to find out more about how music works,
try my
music theory lessons.

Do you have a teenager ready to give up the piano?
Try switching to my songwriting lessons
to revive interest and enjoyment!

…and whatever you choose…ENJOY IT!