By far the most personal musical expression comes from writing your own music. Thinking of a short tune or phrase is often quite easy, but developing your idea into a full song is a little more challenging!

However, I firmly believe that with the right teaching and encouragement, anyone can write a song.

Don’t believe me? Contact me and give it a try!


The basic principles of writing original songs apply to just about any instrument. I teach piano and keyboard but if you play something else, that’s fine. In fact, even if you can’t play an instrument at all, you can still write a song. Although it helps if you can sing at least a little bit! Does your song have words or not? Either is okay!


For me, songwriting is all about asking the right questions. Once I have a musical idea, however simple, I need to ask some useful questions, such as:

  • how does this idea fit to a beat or pulse?
  • should this idea be played fast or slow?
  • should this idea be played loud or quiet?
  • who can I imagine performing this idea?
  • does this idea belong at the start, in the middle or at the end of a song?
  • what might come before or after this part?
  • can I repeat it or change part of it to extend the idea?

As the song develops, more questions are asked and answered until a whole song emerges. They’re not always the same questions – it’s a creative process! You probably won’t write a whole song in one or two lessons, but you will begin to learn some important principles and how to ask the right questions.