Music Theory Lessons


Does this picture make any sense to you? Do you know your adagio from your andante? Your harmonic minor from your melodic minor?

Music is a rich and expressive language with a huge array of vocabulary and complex grammar!


Alongside their practical instrumental grades, examination boards such as Trinity and The Associated Board also run Theory examinations. Whilst these are optional up to a point, if you want to progress past Grade V on your instrument, you may need to pass Grade V Theory first (unless you have a suitable alternative qualification such as a music degree). I teach some Music Theory as part of practical learning, but to pass these exams you may need a more focused pen-and-paper approach to learning. If you would like separate Theory lessons, I can arrange to teach you these.


Perhaps you’ve taught yourself to play, or had very practical lessons with little theory content. If so, your lack of understanding of scales, intervals, chords, key signatures, time signatures etc. might be preventing you from improving, or from understanding or enjoying your music. I can help! Learning the elements of Music Theory that match your practical skills will enrich your playing experience and help you to grow as a musician.

Contact me and we’ll talk about what you need.